C50 may be combined with a multi-channel system using the Home Theater Pass Through function. Both can be fun but they are quite different in the end results. Certainly my recommendation is just that: As for what I listen to, it’s been described by most audio salesmen as “bright” – my favorite bands of the last few years are Run the Jewels and Death Grips. I just want to go back to the days where we kindly shared differing viewpoints. Thank you for taking the time and elaborating what is going on in your Neck of the woods. October 8, – 4:

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I personally have a system in every room in my house, excluding my bathrooms.

Oh BTW forgot to mention. October 8, – Additionally, integration with third party controls systems is a snap thanks the C50’s ability to translate the third party control commands to legacy McIntosh source products.

Some light scratches – Excellent Condition Electrical: As you may have guessed, there’s quite a bit of echo to the right mfintosh the listening position, so I ordered some 4″ 2×4′ panels from John Hunter Acoustics. In place of normal bass and treble adjustments, the C50 features McIntosh exclusive eight-band tone controls which are also programmable mcintos be deployed or bypassed by input selection as needed.

I’ve noticed this in the hobby in general though.


The more you share the more thought others can put into giving their thoughts in return. Using tubes, it is the first preamp that comes to my mind as having a vintage sound ncintosh you may find at least to be on the same planet as McIntosh.

Only your ears will know. Next you had the audio furniture guys myself included again along with all the feet and specialty products like cable.


With so few people being active these days, this forum is being heavily colored by a few peoples personal preferences. Per your request, here’s a few things that I think may be useful: Best mintosh you and all the great staff! The solution is then very straight forward: If budget permits, moving up to a separate pre-amp and amplifier will mostly likely yield even further benefits over the M6 integrated.

Further, the Cary utilizes the concept of f50 separate external power supply. Hi Caustic I’m going to give you my take based on what I read you asking. As well you either know tubes or you don’t. I believe you mentioned that you only want a one input setup I only listen to one source per system myself. TuneLand as you can see is cmintosh and that visable growth represents maybe a 20th of our biz, probably less actually. Your responses are out of character and maybe you are frustrated with replies you have received from frustrated listeners, but I fear in this case bierfeldt and I I hope to include myselftend to give well thought out advice and perhaps these frustrated listeners are referring to mcinntosh advice that was hastily provided.

Unfortunately, there’s no way I can afford those 2 units in the next 25 years or so. Now I could give you my list of components like anyone else here, but your pictures speak loudly to me and suggest that to me at least, if I were you I would start mclntosh building the parts of the audio trilogy in balance before going all in on component window shopping.

Audio Classics – C50

Maybe this forum should think of ways to encourage mcintosu in the audio business instead of making it next to impossible to engage in fair exchanges with fellow listeners. Greetings, Currently I own a pair of Focal Aria s.


There is only so much excitement you mcimtosh drum up with Speakers, Amplifiers and Sources. Hi Ron No problem. Next, if I hook up that same system to different circuit panels the same will happen, the sound will change dramatically.

Ron you said “As Mcintosh utilizes mostly a tube approach, I carefully researched scores of preamps and ended up with the Cary unit Mcintosh C 50 Preamp. The more expensive C50 is a replacement for the C46 preamplifier and is designed to mate with the McIntosh MC for maximum performance and to make beautiful sound babiesbut will work seamlessly with any McIntosh amplifier.

This website appears to be a copy of the original and may not be safe to view.

I know you want Stereophile to be more involving, well as I said in another thread there are reasons people don’t jump in. Far from being another me-too preamp in any way, the Cary rewards the tube-friendly listener with a view on the music that I consider not only to my taste, but truthful. I’m not sure I need to enlighten anyone. Further, just because I am a relative newcomer to this hobby, I bring what I believe to be a valuable approach by leveraging my scientific background in Electrical Engineering and physics and although I may not be as experienced, I can leverage my knowledge and apply it to this hobby and have written a few detailed articles detailing my application of the scientific method and technical measurements of equipment.