Re-test of a firmware-upgraded DC was done in early August, The 2X digital zoom affords even closer inspection, but since it is a digital enlargement of the center CCD pixels, rather than a true optical zoom, image quality will be sacrificed. Cameras by Aloysius Low Dec 6, For a full commentary on each of the test images, see the DC ‘s “pictures” page. This Exposure Lock feature works especially well for capturing a series of images that require consistent exposure and color balance between them.

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Kodak DC Digital Photography Review

Zopm the high-resolution level, images are stored at x pixels. As with all digital zooms though, the more the image is magnified, the more blurry it becomes, since it is working with progressively less data the more the image is magnified. The Center-Weighted mode will be most useful for shooting portraits shots, or for dealing with backlit subjects.

Whenever one of these operations is selected, Delete, for example, the Trash Can icon appears over the image in the LCD. Using the Print option when in Review mode, you can select pictures for printing and choose how many you want.

KODAK DC240 ZOOM Digital Camera

Connections Memory Card Slot. A plastic lens cap grips the camera case when the lens retracts, but is light enough to not strain the mechanism as it extends. The body, at 5. Best stores about three images per megabyte of storage space, Better stores four images per megabyte, and Good stores approximately seven images per megabyte.


All the software is conveniently bundled on an Installer CD. Explore the images on the pictures page, to see how well the DC performed, and how its images compare to other cameras you may be considering buying.

Note that this doesn’t appear to be a “true” brightness control, in that it seems to just vary the display contrast, rather than the brightness of the LCD’s backlight. Mobile Accessories by Joshua Goldman 10 days ago. Open the compartment door, insert the picture card into the slot, push it all the way in, and you’re all set to capture images.

Depressing the Self-Timer button provides a 10 second delay between pressing the Shutter button and the when the camera fires. Executive Overview Designed for business, but suitable for the home, the Kodak DC Zoom Digital Camera sports a compact, ergonomic design much like a traditional point-and-shoot camera.

Additional Features Self-Timer Delay. ditital

Pressing the menu button changes what is displayed on the LCD. Koadk, the LCD is still immensely helpful when framing your subjects, or when experimenting with what you shot will look like if captured in sepia-tone, or black and white mode. The “live” images on the LCD are bright and sharp, with a fairly high refresh rate, albeit not as fast as some cameras we’ve tested.

When capturing images indoors, two white balance options are available: AA standard form factor. The DC’s molded plastic body measures 5. The DC includes an optical glass lens that automatically focuses to provide digitzl best capture of your subject. It came with a great software bundle for business users and downloadable firmware updates from the Kodak website. You can select these icons to view an enlarged portion of the image on the LCD, delete images, kodai them, and lock them to prevent erasure, among other things.


At the high resolution, good quality setting, the file size is about K, and at the standard resolution, good quality setting, the average file size is about 75K.

Overall, we found the DC to be a solid performer, with excellent color, and very accurate viewfinder and exposure systems. Re-test of a firmware-upgraded DC was done in early August, From right to left, key features are the onboard flash, viewfinder, light sensor flash and autofocuslens, and indicator light for the self-timer.

The “sepia” option recreates the look of old-time photos, which were often rendered in shades of brown, as a result of treating the prints in a sepia toning solution. Gadgets by Gordon Gottsegen Nov 19, A Macro close-up feature adds the flexibility of focusing on small subjects at relatively close distances-between 9. The Mode dial is located in the lower right quadrant of the back panel, making it simple to rotate with the right thumb.

While it doesn’t break any new ground, the DC provides a strong product for users seeking “Kodak color” in a 1.