Queens, New York Gear: It’s just the best combo on the market period. Rated 4 out of 5 by Whipman from You might want to fully check firmware The card was recognized by my DM right away but you will need to check the firmware and run all updates at the suggested order. Having the DM mixer for recording and mixdown purposes, I absolutely needed this card. BTW, for those wondering:

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Though all said and done you would by this unit only if you had the know how on trouble shooting.

I deeply and humbly apologize in advance. JarnoMay 19, Apple did put a couple of audio tweaks in I wasn’t aware of several betas being out there. Also noting that sometimes no audio output or meter activity when using iTunes.

It’s just the best combo on the market period. Here on this site?

IF-FW/DMMKII beta drivers for DM3200/DM4800

How do Dmmkli upgrade the FW card driver? In regards to Mavericks of any version, it is commonly agreed among the upper pro audio world that it is not yet mature enough to rely on if you are not also willing to accept and participate in the growing pains that go with it.


I tried F3 and F4 when working through my issues with Redbus. Arnold Janssen and Gravity Jim like this. There have also been a few times when using Nuendo v6. The latest available from Tascam is 1. AudioWaveMay 29, How do I register my copy of Cubase LE?

I found it very easy to install and get every thing up and running, had no problem at all. Other audio interface products not mentioned are no longer supported.

Will be doing some Nuendo 6. Quite a few if-fa manufacturers seem to have a problem with the Media Center version of that OS.


It can be reverted to higher security settings after installation. Help would be great if we could get through to Tascam tech support before our phone batteries go dead. RedBusMay 23, Make sure that you have the latest version of the eLCC installed. Log in or Sign up.

So many users foolishly rely and expect a single computer do everything including running it do your audio or video business work and then end up crying and cursing having if-fe spend unplanned money and valuable time in an attempt to recover from what could easily be avoided. Sorry this became a Vent comment. No internal changes, just new features in the Control Panel – DPC latency measurement is now built in, and a button checks your system info id-fw support purposes. I use it in my Tascam DM mixer, in a home recording studio Shortly after getting this set-up I discovered I’m way, way over my head.


El Capitan and Tascam DM IF-FW/DMmkII Interface in BEA6&7

The OS X One of the first rules of keeping a stable rig is that once you have done all that needs to be done to get a stable setup that is working well for you, don’t mess with it. I still have a ways to go on the recording learning curve, but now I have the hardware to support if-gw. Beta drivers are available here: It has been replaced with the USx You should consider using the product with a ic-fw XP installation.