Shots like that one and I had several in my two test rounds assured me that this club will soon take its place in my bag. Two testers including myself rated it a 9, while several others rated it an 8. In fact I thought the cc head was more pleasing to the eye at address, it was easier to line up, and also felt more comfortable during the takeaway portion of my back-swing due to the smaller head. By submitting a review you agree to be bound by our terms and conditions. If on the range prior to your round you are slicing or hooking the ball, a few quick turns of the wrench and you can help to straighten out your drives for the particular day per USGA rules players are not allowed to adjust the club during play. I bought the VR Pro a few months back and I wanted to keep this club under the radar.

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Vicrory hit some bombers with this driver at the outing! I hit approximately 50 range balls with the new VR driver using three face angle settings — square, 1 degree open and 1 degree closed.

Nike VR Str8-FIT Tour – Fitting Chart incorrect online – WRX Club Techs – GolfWRX

There are no instructions as to how to iinstall the batteries. The Dymo head cover is hideous.

Markings on the head and shaft collar make it easy to position the head in any one of the 32 adjustment positions, and grooves in the plastic piece at the end of the shaft guide the head into position. The lack of emphasis on distance in their marketing is even more surprising considering how rev the VR Pro proved to be during our testing. Want MyGolfSpy’s email newsletter?


Nike has a winner, in more ways than one. But upon flipping the club over, the sole reveals the new Compression Channel technology that is key to the performance of this club. Timothy D Watson 7 years ago.

Nike Victory Red STR8-FIT Tour Driver at

OEM Kevin May 18, – 7: LOP scores have the lowest average of hhow category we track, so smaller numbers are more common here than anywhere else.

Glad it treated you well, and I hope to see you over at Stonecreek again some time soon. I can now hit a draw with the VR pro.

User Reviews Jackson Fraser. Toyr distinctive red Compression Channel runs from heel to toe on the sole of the club and helps to increase the compression of the body to produce higher ball speeds on even off centre hits. Hell Yes, it did. On the range prior to playing my two rounds I was touur the ball for mewhich gave me confidence going into the round.

Greg 6 years ago. Yoccos- My swing speed ranges from mph depending on how comfortable I am.

Product Review: Nike Victory Red STR8-FIT Fairway Wood

Because of the sound and feel it may take some time to grow to love a Nike driver, but I think it can happen. The only thing is that it broke while i was hitting on the range. Which one is for higher handicappers? Nike seems to be putting out some really solid clubs this year. Rate this product Select rating 1 star rubbish 2 stars poor 3 stars average 4 stars very good 5 stars outstanding You must select a rating.


Thanks for your hoq Eric. The styling all round looks very aggressive so we were expecting great things when we put the club into action. If the Compression Channel powers the club, then the Str8-Fit technology steers it.

Shots like that one and I had several in my two test rounds assured me that this club will soon take its place in my bag. Regarding the grip… we did have a few comments redd it. The first swings on the range really gave me a feeling of power in this driver.

Now normally this is the type of quote that might cause an OEM to withhold equipment from future reviews. I have owned this driver for about 6 months now and have spent 4 of them with Nike trying to keep it fixed.

Thanks for the comment Blaine — yes the new VR color scheme is stg8-fit and sophisticated. Going to a Nike Demo Day here at the Golfsmith in town just to try it out! So with that in mind, I want to share a quote with you from one of our testers:. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.