In many ways he was not unlike Patton. He isn’t spinning out – he simply drove Ted Vogel’s car that hard. This article was written by Eric Ethier and originally published in the April issue of American History Magazine. Please use your best efforts to facilitate the success of our race. Courtesy of Frank Simek Corey chases Wimble in The Richard Welch 77 was run by almost evry available Fonda veteran. Source Unknown Ron Narducci and the first -year driver Andy Romano roll by the announcer’s stand and Chet Hames [on track by guard rails] during slow warmups at Fonda around

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Arrogant, self-centered, and pushy, the year-old general in the natty black beret irked his colleagues with outlandish statements and demands.

Prema Powerteam – Wikipedia

That tractor thing with multiple tires is running in the track surface. Corey Leading Danish and Lazarro. Bill Ladabouche Photo Gigi Conover’s junker cars prepare to go out and run in the track.


Patton had his eyes set on Palermo, and, ultimately, Messina. For their part, Patton and many of his colleagues resented British impertinence, especially on the part of Montgomery. These exhibitions did not awe the troops as perhaps Patton believed.

Russ Bergh Photo Interesting mixup: Otis Eaton would be killed in the S-5 and Jerome would spectacularly wreck that car, later numbered The car ran at Stateline and Fairmont.

Dennis van de Laar. Some one must have sent him a box of them. Formula Abarth Teams’ Champion Photo from the Fonda History Book.

I’m A Prima Donna

The car ran at Fairmont. Patton wasted no time putting his new plan into action. The car ran at Otter Creek.

From Fonda Book Frank Blum. Below – Junior Johnson won what was probably the first GN race there in the ‘s. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. John Grady Collection Gigi Conover was a sponsor, supporter, and official for years. Prior to that, the peloton will visit the Lofoten On the night of August Montgomery tried an amphibious landing of his own, putting elements of his commando and armored units ashore at Scaletta, just eight miles from Messina.


Courtesy of Scott Belknap Allie Swears’ modestly funded The British will never let him go.

Schenectady Collection Hoppy Redner. Daniel Juncadella Eurocup Formula Renault 2. I think it is Racin’ Grayson Smith. Caprara to Tony Villano. But his propensity for wadding it up got him replaced.

J eep ran at Pico and Fairmont in the ’50’s. Photo Spence Parkhurst, Saratoga Spr.

Putney, whose Chevy suggests this was the race. Courtesy rackng Buid Brooks. Desperate to get the Fonda photographer’s stand gig, he began hitchhiking to Fonda.

In a sudden change of plan, Montgomery decided to send a flanking force west around Etna.