When the firmware version in the USB disk is same as the Printer current version. There are many different barcode types to choose from when printingbarcode labels. When an item is scanned at check out, it is looked up in the product database for a price and to make an inventory adjustment. And last, thermal barcode printers are very economical and easy to use. What is a good reference book for learning more about barcodes?

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Commercial bar codes were not used until the mid to late s, and the initial application was for industrial use. Laser printers, like inkjet printers, are generally used for sheet fed labels. The barcode label could contain information regarding the shipper and the receiver as well as the contents of the product on the pallet, the quantity, and what time it arrived in the warehouse.

Of course Godex invites you to use one of our thermal printers and free Windows based label design software, along with your existing PC for you to design and print barcodes. The use of barcode technology delivers two very valuable benefits to the user; 1 speed and.

GoDex Thermal Transfer Printers – Datamark UK

The thermal printhead is located on top of and parallel to a silicone based roller that feeds the thermal media forward during the printing process.

There are lasers and imagers that read these codes, bodex each has its own benefits. What is a barcode? With ink jet printers it is very difficult to print on one label at a time.

Godex G500 label printer with 203 dpi

Ribbons that are made of pure resin are not used for printing on paper. These companies are proven to be capable of operating, installing, and supporting the Godex brand of barcode label printers in the end user environment before they become authorized as a Godex value-add reseller.


Once you have created the barcode, you can store it prinrer a graphic file, save it to your computer and print it if you like. These companies all have their own background and experience in the manufacture of thermal printers, industrial barcode printers, thermal transfer printer products, barcode scanners, and other products that are designed for use in the barcode and thermal printing industry.

GoDex Thermal Transfer Printers

The answer to this question depends on the type of barcode being used. Go godes the GS1-US website for full information and support. This is a specialty type of printing but has changed the way that many businesses operate by giving them a better way of printing receipts, bar codes, and other materials.

It might be a bit more expensive, but thermal transfer printing quality is unmatched and will provide you with great looking labels that last a long time. Beyond that, there are other ways for prinyer to print barcodes, however it may not be as easy or as economical!

There are scores of prinrer barcode design software and literally thousands of barcode application software packages. Anyone can use this simple direct thermal barcode printer to make a variety of wristbands for their needs. Godex International is an engineering company that specializes in designing and manufacturing barcode printing products that lead the industry in the value price, high performance category.

If you are still not sure what ribbon to prinetr we welcome you call at Godex and we will be pleased to assist you. The barcode scanner shines a light on the barcode and then collects and measures the reflected pdinter.

Since the paper is chemically treated, rather than using a thermal transfer imaging process, the direct transfer labels are much more susceptible to fading over time and can be damaged by direct sun light.


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Barcode application software has to do with using barcodes inside of a specific business operations process. The heat will heat up the ribbon in the right areas depending on what is being printed, and thermally transfer the ink in those areas to the thermal paper, creating the desired text, image, barcode, or other printed information. This decoded data is transmitted to the computer in most cases the same way as if it was typed in to the system from a standard pfinter.

The PDF barcode symbol has become very popular with package delivery companies.

This drawing shows the basic components of a thermal transfer printer. Most commonly, people are familiar with one dimensional 1-D barcodes which are represented by a series of vertical black and white lines and are used on product labels and shipping labels.

By fodex the time to understand the different kinds of ribbons that you have to choose from and what each one has to offer, you should have no trouble choosing the perfect thermal transfer printer ribbon for your needs. Under 1, labels a day may suggest a desktop size printer.

They require the least amount of heat to transfer ink, but produce labels that are the least durable.

User panel with backlit LCD display for easy-user-interface and operation. On the Printer Firmware V1.