Nevertheless, the GeForce4 Ti as an outdated product leaves the market little by little. An extra plus for the cool looking and easily detachable cooling, a larger minus for the annoying sound. Both WinRip and WinProducer offers editing functionality as well. As you can see, this is not just a plain reference card repackaged with Gainward’s logo on the heatsink. It can’t keep up with the Ultra at all, due to the lack of memory bandwidth to go around, but performance is certainly acceptable in x, a good resolution for playing if I do say so myself.

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And card makers have already started developing such cards.

Perhaps Gainward prioritized the cool looks of the HSF instead? The design looks like the reference one, but there is some difference.

Gainward GeForce FX MB – Page 1 – The Introduction

Well my initial though was that the core would overclock the most. BioShock Infinite and Metro: Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. We compare the price to equal products and also the accessibility among retailers. Basically this product is in the mid-end range and offers with it’s cut-down 4 pixel pipeline four single textured pixels, or two dual textured pixels value for your money. The Golden Samples are actually built to run at higher than reference settings thus are made for the tweakers among us, and there are many of us right.


And, as I mentioned in the PNY article, it seems that the One thing that I gwforce completely missed was the fact that the FX also uses an external power source.

Remember that the prices for the FX are falling down, and the previous products are gradually fading away from the market first of all, the RADEONthat is why the will be in demand. The Detonators recommended us to overclock it to something MHz. Thankfully this is back on the FX Ultra. Since 4x AA was a tad bit slow on the FX this is certainly performance that we welcomne with open arms.

Gainward Fx5600 256mb AGP Grafikkarte NVIDIA GeForce 5600 Nv31 Agp8x CRT DVI TVO

The Ultra version should run at MHz. The memory overclock was as mentioned a lot better though. Some slight trade-offs with the Ultra here and it doesn’t come anywhere near the Ultra card, although breaking 10, in 3DMark SE is nice to see coming from a “mainstream” video gaiward.

Furthermore, the chips used are Samsung chips rated at 4ns, leading me to believe there is little room for overclocking. Synthetic tests don’t give us too good an impression of Getorce card or of the GeForce FX non-ultra in general. Numbers with HQ settings enabled are pretty bad, though. The PCB design is actually less complicated and, therefore, cheaper.

Known for their reputation of building high-quality gainwarrd feature rich graphics cards today we will test a new product from the lads at Gainward. Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus.


Gainward GeForce FX Review – IGN

Not for nVidia neccesarily but for the third party manufacturers. Well the first thing that struck me with the FX Ultra was the fact that it has a lower texel fillrate than the good old GeForce4 Ti It helps that the performance is more than acceptable for such a card in a lot of the tests.

Tx Bridge Trying out the new method. But what about Ultras from Leadtek, Gsinward and others? If I recall correctly the last product we have tested from them was their GeForce4 Ti FSAA sample patterns are identical with previous driver revisions. Recently we reviewed PNY’s Ultra card, which, like all shipping Ultras, had increased clock speeds and other minor improvements over the reference board we had for testing.

We’ll take this puppy to the test alright. But when you see this car in a store under the same trade mark you realize that the engine is the same. This is disappointing but expected.