I’m recording a Wii U with it, and it records the video just fine. Click on troubleshooting and click on the view all option on the left panel 4. Any way to fix this? My operating system is Windows 7 bit. Find every entry that lists Dazzle you should have 2, but there could be more , right click on the entry, and choose Uninstall.

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I’m glad someone picked up on my fix because it’s the easiest one I’ve seen around.

Vdc100 load it up, set it up for the Dazzle, then adzzle it running in the background just don’t start any captures with it. This will magically keep the 60hz and display the correct colours without noise! I haven’t really done a thorough check with it yet. Search only posts by: Find every entry that lists Dazzle you should have 2, but there could be moreright click on the entry, and choose Uninstall.

Hope this information is helpful. Thanks for marking this as the answer.

MEDIA – Pinnacle Systems – Dazzle DVC100 Audio Device Computer Driver Updates

If so, did it work? That makes things a lot easier! On the main menu, click on Devices and choose the Dazzle Video and Dazzle Audio audio won’t show a check next to it 3. Further, I suggest you to try the below methods and check if it helps to resolve the issue.


On top of that, each video capture device added now has the option to choose any audio capture device. Some programs, like AmarecTv and Virtual Audio Cable, have shown promise in getting the audio natively from the device. AMCAP also works indeed, and not only for sound but also for something else interesting: Well since Amarec can actually see the Dazzle’s audio component auxio VAC out of the equation and see if you get sound.

If any admins have fixes they know of, feel free to edit this post and add them devce. On the popup asking you to confirm, auido sure you click the checkbox that reads “Delete driver.

If I try it says, “Sorry, Movie maker cannot record from the selected device. Not sure if the problem is over here [img]http: Once you figure it out, just write it down somewhere so you don’t forget. Install all pending updates on dazzlf system, restart and check the status of the issue.

In this case Studio will crash during capture.

Wudio Studio Movieboard Plus. The Crossbar Thing also doesn’t seem to solve my issue. Try updating the Dvf100 drivers from the manufacturer’s website and check if the issue persists. Didn’t change anything here. The only way to confirm this is to use it on a different computer and see what happens.


How come I don’t have the “Line 1” audio option? I’m assuming you’ve already done this, so it’s most likely some problem with Pinnacle’s software which doesn’t surprise anybody.

Dazzle DVC Audio Device – Software Patch

There seems to be a huge abundance of people making threads to solve the same issue over and over again, so hopefully this can be devie one stop for the most common fixes.

But there are two problems- It won’t detect the game audio, so I have to put it through a speaker right next to it. Also, this fix does not work with XSplit in my experience.

If it does not, plug it into a different USB hub.


When those don’t work, hardware workarounds have been used. I have the same question 7. I’m not exactly sure what I should choose here, this just made the most sense to me.