If you have any comments about this document, send them to the C- Cube Technical Publications Department at the address listed above, or send e-mail to: Physical buses used for data transfers are not indicated. Therefore, the con- ditions necessary for the RDY interrupt all become true again, so a second RDY interrupt event occurs. The Cb and Cr values represent color difference signals that can be converted into red, green, and blue values. Initialization Configuration See Chapter The encoder chooses a quantization matrix that determines how each frequency coefficient in the 8×8 block is quantized.

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C-Cube Microsystems Drivers

To take maximum advantage of this, the coefficients are organized in a zigzag order to produce long runs of zeros see Figure Attempting to read or write these register addresses— or to read a write-only regis- ter, or to write a read-only register— causes indeterminate results. The host must do this after issuing the NewPacket command if a new RDY interrupt can be issued between these two actions.

Group of Pictures GOP A header followed by a series of one or more pictures; intended to allow random access into the sequence. Application pro- grams should only access these registers when the CL’s CPU is dis- abled to avoid interfering with the video display.

In a typical video display, the video information is surrounded by a col- ored border. The DRAM array is used to store: The CL continues micrlsystems output video until the last pixel has been transmitted.

The block row boundary within the decoded picture which causes the first possible interrupt is dependent only on yOffset of the SetWindow macro command. Once decoding is complete, the microapplication automatically chang- es to the PAUSE state see the description of the Pause command, page The host can abort the transaction at any point by clearing this bit.


When the internal timer counts past its maximum value of 2 -1the timer rolls over to 0. With video card driver you can have microaystems perfect graphic experience.

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Interrupts are divided into the following three separate classes based on when they are reported to the host: For read operations, the host processor must write the address each time before reading HOSTjrdata. An SEQ-D interrupt event occurs if all of the following are true: The CL system timer contains a 9-bit prescaler that can be used to divide the selected source clock prior to incrementing the system timer. For example, here is how to disable FireFox ad content blocking while on Silicon Investor.

IVect is forced to the value OxF by a hardware reset. Guidelines If the dual-address DMA transfer mode is used, external logic must be provided to ensure that these conditions are met.

Each time a macro com- mand other than NewPacket is extracted and executed, the “command read pointer” is incremented. Figure shows the relationship of the SetBorderO command’s four arguments to the arguments of the SetWindow macro command xOffset, yOffset, width, height and the configuration of the CL’s display output. The microapplication finishes its internal SCAN initialization and begins to process the portion of the bitstream ahead of the I-picture at a very high rate. The CL microapplication is logically contained in a series of “seg- ments,” each of which is a block of numeric constants constant data or microapplication that the host must load into either the internal IMEM instruction memory or the external DRAM.


Also, the host 1 1 -2 C-Cube Microsystems Writing Macro Commands should generally avoid writing to reserved locations within HMEM to facilitate upgrading to future microapplication versions. The microapplication should be loaded and started by following the procedure given in Section Table Filter Argument Encoding filter[1: The microapplication performs these actions inseparably.

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The bitstream buffer is called the rate buffer in the MPEG standard. Figure shows the video bus connections. Subsequently, if the host receives a UND inter- rupt, it will be indicative of a system microsyxtems condition.

Note the following conventions used in this section: Because host use of this bus may conflict with CL operations, diagnostic register ac- cesses should be minimized to prevent degradation of CL per- formance. And then restart it!

The horizontal lines are synchronized with a horizontal synchronization pulse followed by ccube interval with no video, called horizontal blanking.

The various modes of transferring data are discussed in Sections 4. I have a pinnacle callisto video capture card which I am having trouble getting to work.