With the release of the latest Win 9x refrerence drivers, even soundfont support was added, so there was no need to buy a Creative card anymore. This work fine with this modified driver. Finally I installed the above mentioned drivers 5. Riso Ars Praefectus Registered: I now use an Audigy 2 ZS. Thu Feb 08, 1: If you have a bit system, I’m sorry — there never were bit drivers for this card, and I can’t help you get them.

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What approach did you use for the kX project? I’m glad to hear cp no pun intended! The 2shared link has somehow turned into virus clickbait, and I’ve gotten many, many requests over the past few months to repost. It’s really cool to be able to use the card again.

Or even compared to EAX2. This work fine with this modified driver.

Feb 5, Posts: I kept the card as long as I could, but then switched to SB Live many years later which wasn’t any better and didn’t have as good positional sound. Most of the sounds are missing.

OK, I hope you’ve got the point. May 28, Posts: The card doesn’t appear in the device manager at all.


Several details, like 4-speaker support, don’t work with that driver. That’s hard to do because a lot of what you end up hearing depends on how the game uses said technology. You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.

Writing an alternative Win XP/ Win 7 driver for Aureal Vortex 2 /AU8830

My impression of EAX2 was that it was pretty crude, but I haven’t hear the new generation au830 soundcards, and my Fort II, as alluded to earlier, is getting rather long in the tooth There must be lots of geometrical Replacing it with something that has driver and game support is not very expensive and will result in a lot less hassle. Believe me, there were times playing that game I caught myself holding my breath so they couldnt hear me and trying to peer around the side of the monitor to look round a corner.

So I must rely on speaker’s amplification a lot; so it will be little noisy with average au830 speaker. I’m not as familiar with the AU as with the AU Creative simply purchased the patents after the company had gone into liquidation.

Creative Labs bought all assets, know how and technology of Aureal. I didn’t do that. I had the Mx back in the day. There is a website somewhere on the net, which attempted to modify Aurel drivers for XP to work with hardware acceleration.


Diamond Monster (Vortex 2) + Windows XP = Waaaah – Ars Technica OpenForum

Which file in that archive needs to be run to install the driver software? For example, in Prey or CS if there are some enemies in the next room making noise, you’ll hear them quieter or not at all.

Dec 7, Messages: Thanks alot for the driversthey work well on xp sp2 and on vista 32bits but I’m having some problems on Win7 sound is kinda chunkyseems if I disable Hardware Acceleration it works better.

Au88300 if there are many of such units then it’s just “Reverbs”. Google [Bot]Ozzuneoj and 3 guests. The kX project managed to write drivers for the Audigy 2 ZS aj8830. I saw some betas, I saw some reference to a “hack” on Vortex of Vortex site that is long dead Wed Feb 07, I’ve removed the MegaUpload mirror link.