I wonder if anyone is going to look at this after 2 years.. I had no problems appear from the very beginning so unfortunately I have no caveats to bring up other than back it up first! Do all of these steps on your Ghost Server!! This has been useful to me. Many of the our new mini notebooks don’t have cd roms drives built in and was trying to make memtest86 accessible thru pxe. The PC boots just like a floppy was in the drive.

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Don’t use it any more but it was a great tool! This has been useful to me. Is it something we ship?

Redhat seems to have changed the way the bootnet. Comment Cancel You must be logged in to post a comment. SYS, it does not really matter what file names you want to use, I used 3xom that I did, to help both you as well as myself understand what it is that I have done. I have a menu file that allows the user to install redhat 7.

Configuring 3Com PXE Server for Windows installs

I have used rawrite to create a bootable floppy using the bootnet. Browse Requests Reports Product Dashboard.


I think that might work. I then made the PXE image of the disk and it failed again.

The time now is I press enter to begin the install and I get the following errors. Accept all other defaults. The client connects to the TFTP server fine, starts PC-DOS, then brings up a load of 0x00 00 being various numbers on the screen, then just says ‘sending status to I downloaded the latest syslinux 2.

Description Jason But after step 4 what is the next step.?

How to run 3com PXE and TFTP server as a service instead of the default manual start.

The first error I get is could not find ramdisk image. The floppy boots the PC fine and the install works. Comment 4 Michael Fulbright It looks like other tools work similarly: Do all of these steps on your Ghost Server!!

I figured that maybe it would be able extract some kind of image that was compatible with the 3com server. How to pxe boot to Ghost in 4 steps. Comment 2 Jeremy Katz I turned my attention to syslinux.

Attachments Terms of Use Add an attachment proposed patch, testcase, etc. Was able to use the 3com tools to make a few of my tools and HP utils accessible via pxe. You could also set up a linux box for PXE instead of the 3Com software.



You are a star sir, I’ve been after this information for years!! When I setup the menu to install redhat 8, the PC boots from the image, but it can’t find the ramdisk or kernel images.

We’re probably using a newer version of syslinux as well. Just had an idea It took me 3 hours to go through all of the versions, but the problem is with syslinux.

I had it setup like this and once booted it would be the same as doing it from a CD, you can type in which session to connect to.