Could there be a conflict somewhere? I am probably going to search the web some more as someone has to have figured this thing out, either at gentoo or another linux site. I’ve tried removing both PCI cards, but that didn’t seem to help. They don’t say how, but that this hardware is supported. Check out this excellent tutorial. Still had the exclamation point.

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I was able to do that. Still no good, the exclamation point remains.

Comment 17 Darin May Comment 14 Jeff Garzik You should be able to set up two RAID arrays, one on each controller. Here is my Makefile I don’t know if the amd64 flags are correct, but took them from an emerge rakd progresss. View unanswered posts View posts from last 24 hours.

Can you see these four sata drives in BIOS before booting up and having problems? Hi, I have complained again to promise after trying some coding which obviously isn’t my job, but since I really want it to work, I will try my best.


Your patch is working great for me on this device:. Hopefully a hero will rise very soon! Check out this excellent tutorial. I’ve gone through those steps multiple times but all the time I’m still gettig that damn exclamation point. I am afraid I haven’t got any idea or an answer. On initial install, the promise chip is recognized but install cannot see the rwid hard drives in a hardware RAID 0 as a single drive.

Soltek’s SL-PTPro-FGR motherboard – The Tech Report – Page 3

If not, maybe a flash will set things right. I could make the boot.

VTrak These powerful storage appliances are ideal for multi-user collaboration to ingest, edit, stream and process rich media. For some reason you do not have one. There is no array.

Can you tell me where you installed that from? Still had the exclamation point. I’m going through the turorial now for the data setup but still haven’t finished it. I followed clintfans’ tutorial step by step. I am raud Kernel 2. By chance, maybe one of the publishers know how to get this card working? If there is, I guess there is no “!



Comment 4 Darin May Tried using a gentoo-sources kernel, but that did not work 203788. I researched it a bit and found nothing concrete or any way to install that except during the regular installation process. The actual RAID1 driver, for example, is dm-mirror kernelbut it requires the userspace component to set it up.

Can this patch be included in a separate boot. Comment 10 Jim Peterson Makefile for the Promise FastTrak Series device drivers. What happens when you try to ‘roll back drivers’? Browse Requests Reports Product Dashboard. If you are having 20387 with this device you should view the Troubleshooter information.